Alpha release v0.1

The Best Pokemon Emulator’s: First Steps

Note: This is an old post, the stable version was already released and Pokemon fans from all over the world are enjoying it.

Today we have reached a new milestone in our development of our Pokemon Emulator.

Last time we launched a patch, we were still in pre-alpha. Now we are happy to announce that we upgraded our game version into ALPHA RELEASE.

We have changed many things in the game, more than we can probably write about in this announcement. In this post, there will be highlights of the new changes in the game.

Skull Emulator

  • Fixed lots of bugs that prevented the emulator from running.
  • added support for a few more Nvidia cards
  • Added control options and keyboard mapping 

Pokemon ROMs

  • Mapped almost half of the Kanto region and will be working on the rest soon
  • We will post a dedicated article when we have more updates about the in-depth features of our ROMs.

Multiplayer – Battles and trades

  • We’ve starting working on the multiplayer feature as well, although it’s still incomplete, we’re confident that it’ll be done in about 1-2 months from now. we know that this feature is what most Pokemon fans are waiting for since it’ll allow them to battle and trade with other players around the world.
  • We’re working on implementing a feature that’ll give players the choice of whether they want to battle and trade with a random person or a specific person.

We will write a dedicated article as we get closer to the Beta release.

We’ve also added many new Voice Overs, Sound Effects, Visual Effects and more!

We are very happy to release this build and hope you all enjoy it as much as we’ve had developing it.
See you in game!

-Skull Emulator Team

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