Beta Version is out!

The best Pokemon Emulator: Baby steps

Hello, Pokemon Fans!

We are glad to announce the release of the Beta version of Skull Emulator with lots of new features. Our development team is working hard on a daily basis to make our emulator better day by day. This Beta will allow you to see for yourself the results of our hard work first hand and at the same time help us find bugs too!

What’s a Beta, you might ask? It is an App version undergoing testing that has not been officially released yet. It allows users to test out new features while giving insights to the App developers to make improvements.

What’s new in this Beta version?

New features:

  • 3D graphics engine enhanced
  • Stereo Sound is now supported
  • Fixed TONS of bugs across the emulator
  • Kanto Region is now complete
  • Johto and Hoenn regions are halfway through
  • Improved Sprites drastically
  • enhanced Colors
  • Multiplayer mode almost finished


  • Game loading time has been significantly optimized and reduced
  •  Greatly improved the video quality
  • Enhanced Performance by limiting the number of simultaneous requests made to the CPU and GPU
  • Various user interface improvements

Bugs fixed:

  • crash when switching between Pokemon
  • freeze when loading Pokedex entries from 40-83
  • Various other minor bugs fixed

How can I get this Beta?

  1. Go to the download page and download the zip file
  2. Unzip it somewhere on your PC and run “setup.exe”
  3. The Emulator should run right away
  4. Now simply download one of our Pokemon ROMs

 You can differentiate between the alpha and beta versions using their icon. The Beta version has a red skull while the alpha version has a yellow skull.

Help us identify crashes and bugs

Please report any bugs, freezes or crashes to us right away using the contact us form so that we’ll be able to fix your problems with the next update!
If you have any questions please comment below.
Note: A stable release was developed after some time from posting this post. Please check it out here.

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