Stable release v1.0

At last, we’re releasing the stable version of our emulator for all Pokemon fans to enjoy. We added more and more features than the last time!

As someone else mentioned in a message, “Me and 3 of my friends are unable to play your games due to them requiring some initial set-up. We searched around and couldn’t find guides..”. hence, We’ve also updated most of the ROMs and they should work out of the box now without going through the tedious amount of work to set everything up like you had to in the beta release. This change was made to make it easier for non-savvy Pokemon fans to enjoy our games.

Please refer to the FAQ section 3 to check the minimum system requirements for our emulator.

Improvements made

  • All 3 regions are now available, this means all ROMs are now complete
  • Added all Pokemon entries to the Pokedex
  • Released multiplayer made for all to enjoy!
  • Added more graphic improvements and increased their quality.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts
  • Skull Emulator now supports any PC controller


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in tag battles
  • fixed various bugs that occurred when launching Pokemon Emerald ROM


How to download

To download this stable version, just head over to the download page and download the zip file to your PC, then unzip the zip file and run the executable file.



Most major and minor bugs that we came across during our Alpha and Beta testing were fixed, however as we all know nothing’s perfect and bugs/errors always seem to pop-up when we least expect them. Hence, we’d kindly request that you contact us immediately when you find any bugs in our emulator or ROMs.

We apologize for being late in releasing this version and hope to be able to keep up with all pokemon updates 😀

Thanks again to all of you!

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