Why was Pokemon such a big hit 20 years ago!

Pokemon In The Past

We are now 20 years past the beginning of the Pokemon series, and let me tell you, it was more than just a phase.

back in the late nineties, many people wondered why Pokemon was becoming more popular. However, thanks to years of hindsight, one can take a look back and realize the reasons for its success. These reasons include the companies heavy use of multimedia in its content, simple battle mechanics that don’t get boring and it’s strong focus on collections. Furthermore, the most important reason is that the company knows how to develop a game that a child would feel attached to. This attachment results in Pokemon discussions among friends.

Did you know?

Pokemon has generated around $45 billion in revenue up until now from games, merchandise and films!

When Pokemon launched in the US, it took over in a single night. It was a card game. It was a cartoon. And, it had two awesome GameBoy games, Pokemon Red and Blue. Pikachu was being shown on anything merchandisable!

This wasn’t some magic or sorcery, whether it was the marketing or the merchandise, it was all just the result of good strategizing. The reason the developers decided to make Pikachu the mascot of the franchise was simply because it had mainly only one color, yellow, making it easy for kids to comprehend. Pokemon soon evolved to be more than just a brand, it became a phenomenon to be obsessed with.

The developing company understood that kids want to have knowledge. It isn’t just a game about cute animal looking creatures battling each other.

 It Knows What Kids Crave The Most

The company understands tat kids love to own knowledge. Pokemon is a chance for children to engulf themselves in a world of fantasy. This makes them feel like they’re real experts on the subject, which makes them more attached to it as well. Nintendo offers them a wide variety of topics for them to be experts at, for example, some players might specialize in catching rare Pokemon or even become a breeding guru or perhaps you’d prefer to play PVP ( Play Versus Player) competitions all the time. But going so deep into the Pokemon world isn’t really necessary. Even knowing the different types of Pokemon would be enough to make them feel like experts.

Appealing Game Mechanics

Humans by nature feel the need to gather and collect things. Pokemon gives players this experience better than any other franchise. Battles and collecting define all Pokemon games, whether they’re old or new. This hasn’t changed over the past 20 years.

Sure, the battles are based on a menu-like paper-rock-scissors template. This makes it a lot easier for young players to understand. You immediately learn what types of attacks are effective against which Pokemon exactly. This allows players to flexibly pick Pokemon for their team and craft it according to types they’ll encounter.

Our Prediction

I Personally Don’t think that Pokemon will be going anywhere anytime soon.

The developers worked so hard and conducted top notch research for years to make the game as timeless as possible. This was all meant to attract more humans.

If anything, The company will be moving forward along with the advancements made today. These could include Augmented reality or even Virtual Reality in the future. With its strong foundation and previous records, it does seem very likely that Pokemon will keep moving forward at least another 20 years.

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