Hunting for shiny Pokemons?

Hunting for shinies?

shiny rayquaza from pokemon emerald

You think breeding and hunting good nature/IV Pokemon was hard? wait till you try hunting for shinies. It’s one of the most difficult tasks in any Pokemon game and requires luck and dedication. Most Pokemon players would be satisfied with catching one or two shinies throughout their lifetime, while others grind all day long till they come across one.

The Newer generation of Pokemon games, like:

  • Pokemon X and Y
  • Pokemon Black/White 2
  • Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby

give you an item called “Shiny Charm” upon the completion of the national Pokedex. This item is supposed to increase your chances of finding a shiny Pokemon from 1:4096 to 1:1365, which is a significant boost. Unfortunately, previous generations don’t have this item and would’ve to stick to the 1:4096 rate.Shiny Ho-oh


There exist some techniques that Gens 1-4 can use to increase their chances of running into a shiny. I remember when I used to do this in Pokemon emerald long ago. These include:

  • Breeding 2 pokemons from different languages (Regions) will have a higher percentage of giving you a shiny, according to IGN
  • Chaining with the help of Pokeradar, which ensures you’ll keep running into the same Pokemon again and again, which creates a chain and increases your chances
  • fishing at the same exact spot, again and again, to create a chain like above.
  • To get shiny starters or legendaries, save before you get/fight them and go into the fight, if they’re not shiny then reset your device. This is a tedious process and could take lots of tries but it does work.

Chaining notes

If you happen to try the last method of resetting your device, this applies to it:

If the Legendary is one that’ll automatically run the first time and then you battle it the second time, then make sure to apply this technique the first time you encounter it. Since the game will automatically save it’s data even if it runs the first time.

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