Updated Pokemon Blue, Red and Yellow ROMs

blastoise, pikachu and charizard next to each other resembling pokemon blue, yellow and red.

Pokemon blue, red and yellow versions: The Story Begins

Pokemon blue and red versions were the first original pokemon games, in fact it was these games that started it all. They were released for the GameBoy COLOR, since thier release up until now they’ve been the best  GBC (GameBoy Color) games ever, hands down. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. These games are classics, whether you’re a new pokemon fan or used to play pokemon when you were young, these are for you.

The games start with you being the protagonist, a pokemon trainer, who is first offered 3 starter pokemons to choose from; Squirtle, Charmandar and Bulbasur. Each of these is a different type of pokemon with different potential and move sets.

Whats the mission?

You’ll be on a quest to defeat all 8 gym leaders in the kanto region and obtain their gym badges. Obtaining these badges will allow you to challenge the elite four, which are the strongest quadro in the entire region, and become a pokemon master. That’s not all though! The game has a total of 151 different types of pokemons in the pokedex, all of these are ready to be caught. Your other objective is to ‘Catch em all’ 😊. To catch all 151 pokemons you’ll need both pokemon blue and pokemon red, since each one of them contains pokemons that are not present in the other, this theme is still continuing till now.

The Main Differences between These versions

Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Red are basically the same game, each having some pokemons that are not available in the other. This forces users to play both games to catch all 151 pokemons. on the other hand, Pokemon Yellow is more of a special case, you don’t get the choice to pick a starter pokemon, pikachu is always the starter. Yellow has some overlapping pokemons from blue and red versions and some are uncatchable at all. In addition to that, Pokemon Yellow also changes the locations at which some pokemons can be caught in blue and red versions, it also allows some pokemons to learn moves that they couldn’t in the other two. Further more, Yellow replaces some of team rocket’s grunts with Jesse and James, so if you’re looking for the game that most fits the anime then it’s Pokemon Yellow.

Wait, aren’t these games outdated?

As one might expect, everything about these games is really outdated. However, with our improved and updated ROMs you’ll certainly appreciate the amount of details, graphics, sounds and even colors that we integrated into them. Moreover, the gameplay and mechanics of the game are just as fun as they were when the game was released in the 90’s. while it’s true that this game is considered to be simple compared to the newer generations of Pokemon games, simple doesn’t necessarily mean bad, for instance, anyone can quickly adapt to the game (even a 7-year-old). The only problem is that there is no description for any of the in-game moves, this of course won’t be a problem for any Pokemon fans/players, but new Pokemon players might find this a bit frustrating. We’ll be adding these in our next patch.

Older games like these Pokemon games didn’t become isolated from the newer generation of Pokemon games for a couple of reasons, these include:

  1. These games will become compatible with Pokemon Bank in the future, this means that you will be able to transfer your Pokemon to newer games like Pokemon moon and Pokemon sun.
  2. The ability to trade and battle over the Nintendo 3DS system’s wireless communication, this tricks the game into believing its working via a link cable and thus the original battling and trading are not touched.

Pokemon ROMs: Blue, Red and yellow

Our first generation Pokemon game collection consists of 3 games just like the original. Let us talk about each one briefly, shall we?

Pokemon Blue ROM and Pokemon Red ROM

These games are based on their original counterparts and consist of the same Pokemon selection that was present in the original games.

Pokemon Yellow Rom

At first, we didn’t want to create a Pokemon Yellow ROM since we thought Blue and Red versions were enough to complete the experience. However, after going through all your messages and suggestions, we decided to just go with it. It didn’t take much time since we re-used resources from both the blue and red versions. If you have more suggestions please let us know!

Why not use other ROMs or Emulators?

Our ROMs are 100% based on the original Pokemon games, only with improved features like enhance graphics, visuals and resolution. Nowadays most laptop and computer screens are at Full HD resolution (1920×1080) with a few below this resolution at 1366×768 and even fewer at 2k+ resolution, what does this have to do with our Pokemon ROMs?

Well, if you download any ROM and emulate it on your PC, you’ll find that the game window is too small and when you try to resize it, you’ll notice that the graphics stretch and distort, which makes them look even uglier and outdated than they already are!

Fortunately, we’ve been working on these ROMs for quite a while and all of that is thanks to the massive Pokemon community which helped us with testing, developing and suggesting many of the useful features that are included in our Skull emulator. As a way of expressing our gratitude, we decided that it’s only fair to make our all our Pokemon roms free for any Pokemon fan to download. You don’t have to pay a cent.

Pokemon ROMs: Improvements We Made

You might be wondering what do we mean by added features exactly, here is a summarized list:

  1. Improvements to graphics

    • Added colors to the original game
    • Made the characters and all other sprites (visuals) sharper and more well defined
    • Added unique graphical effects for:
      1. the beginning of battles
      2. winning a battle
      3. catching a new Pokemon
      4. In-battle effects (attacks)
  1. Sounds improvements

    • Added support for stereo sound
    • Increased the quality of the music and sound effects
    • Added even more sound effects to compliment the new graphical ones
  2. Resolution

    • These ROMs support resolutions ranging from 1260×720 to 1920×1080 without having any quality loss in graphics

All other features of the game remained untouched, the game still has 100% the original gameplay, mechanics and fun. You can still trade with other Pokemon game owners just like the original game, as we said nothing else was touched, we only made it look better and more modern. If you’re asking yourself any of these questions:

  • Where can I get a working Pokemon blue/red/yellow or any other Pokemon emulator?
  • How can I be sure that it’ll work with your roms?

Well, why not just use our own emulator? These Pokemon games are guaranteed to run with our Skull Emulator. If you happened to use any other emulator we’re not responsible for any errors you might receive.

Skull Emulator (Pokemon emulator)

Using our Emulator (Download here) will guarantee that you run into zero errors, since it is almost 100% compatible with our roms, it was created for them to begin with. If you were to try and use other emulators with these ROMs you’ll just be wasting your time, but don’t take our word for it just try it for yourself :).

we always strive to bring the best for all of you, so make sure to check for updates from time to time!