Updated Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal ROMs

Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal Versions

These are the second generation of pokemon games. The events take place 3 years after the first generation’s, with new pokemons being discovered every day prof. Oak’s pokedex became outdated and it’s your objective to fix that. The story takes place in the johto region, with 100 new pokemons to catch, 100 new moves to learn and 2 more HMs. In addition, the Gold/Silver versions feature 2 legendary pokemons, namely Lugia and Ho-oh. Whereas the crystal version features suicune. Another fesature that was added to these games is the ability to breed pokemons.

Differences Between Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal Versions

The main differences between the gold and silver versions are the pokemons available in each, similar to the pokemon blue and red, each of them has exclusive pokemons that are not present in the other. Another difference between them is at which stage in the game you get the chance to capture the legendaries. The crystal version is a bit more special, since it has more legendaries to catch, however one must catch all 3 legendaries to get access to Ho-oh. Pokemon Crystal also features a battle tower.

Pokemon 2nd Generation ROMs: Improvements Made

Our second generation pokemon roms are:

Our roms are purely based on the original engine of the pokemon games, this means they pack the same mechanics and gameplay with lots of added fun! We’ve modified the visuals to the core, you name it, graphics, resolutions, sound and global battle system.

If you happened to download any other pokemon rom and run it with an Emulator, you’d notice that the emulator window is tiny compared to your PC screen, which is usually Full HD nowadays (1920×1080). Sure you could try resizing that or maximizing it, but we both know that’ll only make the game graphics look uglier and more “pixely”. However, Thanks to the huge pokemon community’s efforts in finding bugs, suggesting features to be added and testing, we were able to develop Skull Emulator (The Best Pokemon Emulator) along with these ROMs to fulfill any pokemon fan’s desire. After reconsidering our plan, we found it completely fair to release these ROMs along with our Emulator for free. Yep that’s true – free of charge for all Pokemon fans to enjoy – no strings attached.

You might be wondering what do we mean by added features exactly, here is a summarized list:

  1. Sounds
    • Our pokemon emulator allows you to choose between Stereo or mono sound
    • Sound distortions in original games have been fixed


  1. Resolution
    • Maximum supported resolution increased to 1920×1080


  1. Graphics
    • Changed Pokemon and trainer Sprites
    • Sharper graphics
    • Added effects when you encounter a Legendary pokemon


  1.  Other
    • PEngine bugs found and fixed


No other changes were made to the game, this was done to preserve the original gameplay while still adding more fun. Trading is backward and forward compatible, this means you can trade and battle with other trainers from the first and third generations of pokemon using our pokemon emulator and ROMs.

Skull Emulator (Pokemon emulator)

Emulators are not made equal, they behave differently with different games mainly due to compatibility issues. For instance, if an emulator runs a particular game with a few issues, another emulator will have different results, for better or worse. Consequently, you must check the Emulator compatibility with a given ROM before playing. However as we stated before, our ROMs are exclusively created by us, so your chances of finding another Emulator that’s compatible with them and their higher resolution are close to zero but you’re free to try for yourself.

Make sure to download our emulator and check it out. We’re always working on it and improving it, so make sure to check for updates regularly.