The Best Pokemon Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire ROMs


Pokemon Emerald ROM cutscene plus Ruby and Sapphire

Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald Versions

The third generation of Pokemon games includes Pokemon ruby, sapphire and emerald. These take place in the Hoenn region. These games feature over a 100 new Pokemons, 2-on-2 battles, Pokemon contests and more! In addition, there are two teams, team aqua and team magma, that are trying to disrupt the balance of the region instead of just one compared to previous Generations. The story is similar to other Pokemon games, you basically have two objectives to accomplish:

  1. Catching all Pokemons and updating the Pokedex
  2. Beat the elite four and become a Pokemon master

Of course, to catch them all you’ll have to own both games since some Pokemons are exclusive for one of them.

Why is Pokemon Emerald Special?

In Pokemon sapphire and ruby, you can catch either Groudon + Latias or Kyogre + Latios depending on the game you pick. However, Pokemon emerald makes it possible to catch not only both of them but also Rayquaza and also gives you the choice between Latias and Latios. Moreover, you get another starter Pokemon from the Johto region once you beat the Elite four. Upon receiving the national dex, you’ll notice more Johto Pokemons becoming available and routes 5 and 6 in the safari zone will become available for you to enter, allowing you to catch new Pokemons that you couldn’t catch before. In addition to allowing you to obtain both fossils instead of just one, it also has the pokemon Ditto.

Pokemon Emerald Events

Events require a ticket to start. There are 2 events in pokemon emerald that we’ll go briefly over:

  • Ticket that’ll give you the chance to catch Deoxys
  • Ticket that’ll take you to where you can find Lugia and Ho-oh

Pokemon 3rd Generation ROMs

Our third generation Pokemon ROMs are:

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire ROMs

These two games were released prior to our Emerald ROM, as usual, they’re revamped versions of the originals. However, don’t let that keep you from enjoying these two classics!


Pokemon Emerald ROM

This ROM is our latest and most improved one. It contains 2 more games bound to it, Pokemon Fire red and Pokemon Leaf green. Instead of creating a Pokemon Fire red ROM or a Pokemon Leaf green ROM, we decided to make those a part of the game, here’s how:

  • Upon beating the Elite four, you’ll be granted a Regional Ticket
  • This ticket will allow you to travel to the Kanto region!

Don’t try other Pokemon emulators!

These ROMs are developed to work with our own Pokemon emulator. They take advantage of PEngine to run smoothly without any issues on your PC. Our Pokemon roms are not only more fun than the original, but they’re also better and more addictive.

Have you ever tried playing a game on an emulator and noticed how bad the graphics are and how tiny the game window is compared to current games?

That’s basically one of the main reasons that we developed our Pokemon Emulator, resolution. Our Skull Emulator supports up to full HD screen resolutions without any tearing, bleeding or distortion in quality. By quality we mean our improved quality, not the original “pixely” one.

This is all made possible due to the efforts of the vast pokemon community, which aided us in testing and finding any bugs. This accelerated our progress from the initial alpha release to the beta and final releases in many ways. Skull Emulator is hands down the best pokemon emulator out there, it’s made specifically for pokemon!

To show our gratitude for all who made this possible, we decided to release these ROMs along with our Emulator for free. Yep that’s true – free of charge for all Pokemon fans to enjoy – no strings attached.


Here’s a summarized list of what improvements and modifications we made:

  1. Sounds
    • Our Pokemon emulator allows you to choose between Stereo or mono sound
    • Added raining, river, wind, trees and other nature sounds to the games


  1. Graphics
    • Improved weather effects across all regions


  1. Other
    • Fixed bugs that occurred during midnight game time.


No other changes were made to the game, this was done to preserve the original gameplay while still adding more fun. Trading is backward and forward compatible, this means you can trade and battle with other trainers from the first and third generations of Pokemon using our Pokemon emulator and ROMs.

Skull Emulator (Pokemon emulator)

There are many emulators out there for the Game Boy, however, each of them will work differently with games. So if one emulator runs a ROM with a few glitches here and there, another emulator might run it perfectly or even not run it at all. As a result, many emulators came to existence and they all are different, so depending on which game you want to play – you’ll have to look for the emulator that’s the most compatible with it, however, our roms are not the original Pokemon ROMs, they’re an updated – and more modern looking – one. In addition to that, not all emulators support the higher resolution of these ROMs.

Fortunately, we’ve created an emulator that works with 95% emulation perfection and uploaded it to our site, make sure to download it and check it out. We’re always working on it and improving it, so make sure to check for updates regularly.